The story of


The name Bouillon, like the whole idea, is imported directly from the City of Light

A bouillon is a special type of restaurant that emerged around the end of the 19th century as a protest against the fact that fine dining experiences were only reserved for people with a lot of money.


Everyone should be able to eat like the bourgeoisie – without being ripped off – was the whole idea behind les bouillons de Paris. Good food at cheap prices in a beautiful setting became the mantra, and the guests loved it.


This is exactly this basic principle, that we’ve borrowed from Paris and made our own.

Klitbo & Paris

A love story

It didn’t exactly feel like the beginning of a lifelong love affair with Paris when a young Torben Klitbo worked in the kitchen several floors below Le Lido on the Champs-Élysées in the late 1990s, peeling onions 12 hours a day. But nonetheless that’s how it went – and many of the restaurants and other gastronomic projects Klitbo has started since then have been about bringing some French flair back home through food, meals and experiences.


In the first half-year of 2023, Torben Klitbo lived in Paris again – and this is where the idea for Bouillon was born. Welcome to a little piece of the French capital in Frederiksberg. 


Solbjergvej 3

2000 Frederiksberg

Bouillon AARHUS

Europaplads 2

8000 Aarhus


alle ugens dage FRA KL. 11.30 TIL 23.00

Sidste bestilling: 21:30